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I am Not number One!

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

There are boatloads of marketing out there that doesn’t make any sense, and this gem is one of my favorites. I love it when someone says “I’m the number 1 agent!”

Hmmmmm, what does that actually means? Have you thought about it?

Number 1 in what? Sales? Customer service? Staging? Profitability?

Let me help you there. In most cases they mean they have sold the most volume, 100, 150, 200+ home sales a year. What does that really mean to you?

Guys, as much as technology has made information online and readily available for us to self-educate, it still takes a huge amount of time to personally meet with clients, have conversations, look at homes, get to know their tastes (especially if people are a couple; this research shows them a whole new side of their relationship they haven’t seen before). The house-hunting process just opens the door to more and more questions as they come up about different building codes, styles and standards, challenges of upkeep of a property, different purchasing and investment options, title challenges, etc ……. and as any client likes to feel that they are the only one for us agents, if it takes people weeks or months to find that perfect home, and there are only 52 weeks (and weekends) in any year, how the heck do these agents who say they are “number one!” have the time to sell so many homes and care for so many people, the quality way? Looking at their sales numbers, they should have dozens of clients competing for those few Sunday afternoon showing times?! How can they be at 10 places at once? Well, you are correct, they can’t.

No, what really happens when you go to someone with a big name and high volume is that while you plan to hire them for their expertise, in reality they only will give their attention to the absolute highest-priced clients and everyone else will fall onto their “team” of less qualified agents to handle. While they get the credit for the sale, since it is their name and marketing that brings in the client, the vast majority of these customers end up working with a junior agent and not getting the experience they came to the agent for in the first place!

So, you are in luck, I am NOT number one, nor I plan to be!

I actually enjoy being that resource and advisor to my people, I like that they trust “me!!!!” with the largest investment of their lives and that they all benefit from my combined knowledge of so many fields to get them the best end result and the best experience in this highly sensitive matter.

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