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Marianna Veress 

Founder of MariannaV RE, Investment Strategist, Expert in real estate 


Like most people, I have had a few different careers in my life, and I believe that has made me a better real estate agent. My education and experiences have given me the skills and knowledge I need to provide the highest level of service to my real estate clients—going far above and beyond the minimum requirements of the industry.


With studies in law and business and years of corporate sales and global real estate investment experience, I can expertly analyze a situation from a business perspective, negotiate, and get even the most challenging of deals done.


But my sales background also taught me the importance of the human factor. Merely making sales isn’t enough; building quality relationships really is the secret to long-term success. I’ve learned that it’s integral to pay personal attention to each of my clients and I do everything in my power to make sure their needs are met.


I also spent seven years in construction management, where I've learned the ins and outs of structural/architectural design and engineering, space planing and caring for a building, the perfect complement to prepare me for working in real estate. My construction management experience has proved to be invaluable to my clients, especially in determining property pricing and understanding development trends.


While I use the skills gained from my past experience every day as a real estate agent, I also strive to constantly learn and develop even further so that my clients will be in the best possible hands.


I’ve earned many licenses and designations in many fields, including commercial, residential and global specialties, and I keep learning. What this means for my clients is that they can rely on me to help them with almost any real estate transaction, domestic or global.

Outside of my professional life, as you may can tell, I enjoy flying. I'm an ex-champion ballroom dancer and an art-lover, support many art organizations in the area, I have even served 14 years on the Seattle Opera Bravo Board of Directors. 
I enjoy being a contributing member of the Columbia Tower Club, where I can serve my fellow members as board member and as chair of multiple committees.

Since motherhood is something I didn't get to experience, one of my greatest joys of being a mentor. A number of my friends has given me the honor of asking to mentor their children of various ages, some are in the beginning stages of starting their businesses, and that is some responsibility I don't take lightly, strive to give my best to these young souls I have the privilege to touch. 


I'm beyond grateful to live in our little community. Every day I wake up and am just humbled by the opportunities I have and the kindness I receive from so many, that it is my duty to do my best to be a deserving part of you all. I attend  a couple dozen charities a year and find many ways to contribute to the very place that I have gotten so much from. 

Thank you all for making my life possible! 

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