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Experience the difference

in real estate representation!

I was a real estate investor, buyer, seller, and strategist before I became an agent. When you use a service and know so much about it, you can see where there is room for improvement and if you are an entrepreneurial spirit, you will go for it.


I approach real estate from the education standpoint. The more you know!


My background in business and corporate sales helps me in being very data-focused and consultation-oriented. My education in psychology helps me understand and attend to different personalities. 

Since we sell buildings, my background in construction management with actual experience of building and remodeling homes and offices gives me an unparalleled advantage to most of my peers. 

I’m fully licensed and practice in all real estate areas. As a residential agent I know where people want to live and what’s important to them, and as a commercial broker I know where the jobs are going and what employers are looking for, so I am better able to advise either side. 

The cherry on top is that I have amazing advisors on my team, from a PhD wealth manager, through credit expert to international CPA ..... whatever my clients' specific need is, this over-educated and super well prepared team can handle it!


I do this advisory over dinner and drinks where I get to know you, your specific need and situation and share relevant data with you. 

I’m not in a hurry to sell you something, I would like to prepare you so you can make the best long-term investment decision for you. My success lays in your success. 


At a certain age, we look beyond ourselves and we get the most joy and satisfaction from taking care of others. 

My work gives me that joy. I’m honored each time when someone lets me in and I work hard to give them so much more than what they could imagine. 


If this sounds like the representation you need, please reach out to me and lets schedule a lunch/dinner and meeting and go from there! 

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